Kingdom Building Double PCs

A Culting we are going

Session 7 July 9th

It is the year Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and morning of the 9th.

We inform Charles and depart on his conjured horses.  Laucian has the book and ring.  As we approach the farmhold I scan for signs of illegal activities.  Laucian and Leoroar move to speak with one of the locals.  Ianward and I head to check out the Barn.  Ghost holds watch.

Speaking with Grimor, Leoroar learned that the book and ring were found in some ruins where they obtained raw materials with which to build their farm.  Then he gave directions for how to get to the ruins.  As Kreig  and I departed the barn, another one of the locals slipped into it.  Pawldo was no where to be found and hadn't been seen for several days.

Tim used his magic to investigate the dead to see if a Speak with Dead spell would allow us to get any more than the others knew.  They were not suitable for the spell, according to Leoroar.  Then we departed for the ruins.

At the foot of the mountains there is a mass of rocks over the entrance, which appears to have been done on purpose.  This was a small river or creek at the bottom of a draw which perhaps was blocked off, but has gone dry since then.  After climbing up through the draw to an area concealed by the mountains slopes, we find the ruins where there are two structures.  One is rather large and the other small.  The larger storehouse is more intact.

We get to the ruins in the valley.  They appear to be stone, but not of Dwarven make.  There is a sagging door, which we pushed open to observe a large hall about 10' ceiling.  Inside are a couple of hundred flagstones and about 10 logs for construction.  Timothy searched for secret and hidden chambers but didn't find any.  

After entering the remains of the shrine, Leoroar and I felt a divine presence.  Investigation showed the are was enchanted to channel the consecrating power of divine aura.  While investigating we found a trap door which had been concealed.  I cleared the debris off of it, and then Tim checked for traps.  Inside the trap door is a stairwell descending into the earth.

At the end of stairwell, there is a bunkroom about 20' wide and 25' long.  The items here are decayed.  At the back of the room is a warped door.  Leoroar determines that there is a faint enchantment to preserve the area.  Laucian found an inscription in an unknown and ancient language.  He translated it as I was forcing the door open.

"The Fires of Passion will Burn 
And the Winds of Magic will Blow. 
The Earth Shall Give Birth to Death 
And Wooden Blood will flow."

It appears to be some kind of apacolyptic prophecy.  Laucian related the contents of a dream he had which contained these lines.  I had a similar dream, and we should discuss this particularly if we have all had such dreams.

Down the hall we observe several doors, continually lit torches in brackets along the way, and a slumped over body at the end of the corridor.  The body appears to be that of a halfling which died a century ago.  We opened one of the doors to find a funnel spider web of some kind, and webs covering various items and piles of gold.  Inside there are doors on the walls to the right and left.  Leoroar opened another door across from the first to a massive hall, cathedral style with the ceiling 50' above.  Inside was a sarcophagus on which was a massive sphere which had a chunk chipped or broken off the top.  

Searching this latter room, we are cautious because of some figures in the back and the potential of some supernatural guardian.  There are some odd stalks on the sphere above the sarcophagus, and we eventually determine it is a petrified beholder.  In the corners there are rusting armors.  Leoroar detected for magic and found a faint residue of magic in the corners where the armors are, and a magical dead zone at the sarcophagus.  Leoroar and I push the petrified remains of a Beholder off the sarcophagus and Laucian identified the remains as those of the Paladin whose ring and book we have.

The figures in the back of the room appear to have been petrified by whatever got the beholder.  Leoroar searches the book for indications of what the artifact might be, coming to a conclusion that there are four artifacts but with no helpful specifics.

Looking into another room there is a ship.  This boat appears to be a magical item.  We attempt using the prophecy to command the boat, but it seemed to trigger a trap.  The boat struck us with lightening.  We begin exploring the boat.  In the first cabin we find control rods for the boat but did not figure out how to work them.  In the second cabin we find a box with 4 indentations, possibly one for each artifact.  There is an ancient pile of dust next to the box, a century or two years old.  Leoroar escorted Timothy to the cabin to check for traps.  Within the pile of dust are two leather boots.  The boots appear to have been made in Estalia.  No one has ever heard of this place.  In the bed, there is a magical item.  After investigation, Laucian determines that we have found a +1 Ghost Touched Sap.  It seems to have been used for scandalous purposes.  

Meanwhile, Tim observed that the room had had at least 4 traps that have already been triggered.  Further, the sarcophagus has been opened within the last 60 days.  We reopen the sarcophagus.  Inside is a body with enchanted studded leather, enchanted steel shield, short sword of incredible power, a enchanted short bow, a pouch containing 4 rocks, jewel covered dagger.  As we reseal the grave, we notice the prophecy engraved on the underside of the lid.

From there we returned to the other room, where the tunnel is.  Toward the tunnel we see a clear area near the bottom.  The web appears to be old and brittle.  We clear it, and then investigate the bodies and the gold stuff.  The bodies are dessicated and have been looted.  There are two gold statues, and some gold coins of some unknown nation.  Laucian appraised the loot as we went through.

We start going down the rough hewn corridor leading off from the web room, and down the passage we find fork and some water with reptilian tracks.  Timothy is pretty sure it is Lizardmen.  I take point at the front of the party.

to be continued…



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