Kingdom Building Double PCs

Before the Door

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 20th day.

We gather ourselves together after a night of rest and recovery under the healing hand of our ranger and cleric.  Then we venture forth to explore some more of the area.

Not long after getting started we encountered a couple of dwarves.  Attempts to parley quickly failed, and we ended up fighting them only to discover they were Werebadgers.  We looted the two and continued our exploration, having discovered we are now within the island near our town.

We descend a spiral stair for some distance to a door, approximately 20 × 20 with a large crack at the bottom.  As a group, we discussed leaving, but some of our party felt almost compelled to continue exploring.  The party slips through the crack, barely to find a room with a geyser lit by a large ball of light.  There are inscriptions in dwarven at the back of the room, indicating this is a tomb.  Andiana manages to get a reference to some sort of brown stone.  While Thaydron notices some badger tracks, not werebadger, real badger.



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