Kingdom Building Double PCs

Behold the Day

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 14th day.

Our diplomatic group visited the Elves and relayed the information we obtained from Trellwan.  We then agreed to establish diplomatic relations, with consulates in each others community, within the next couple of months.

Meanwhile we headed to the Temple of Benvair to obtain Doomsbane.  Once we entered the temple itself, we headed to the Tomb of Benvair.  As we were attempting to open the sarcaphagus, the Beholder rose up and attacked us.  I turned invisible, and as it turned around it dispelled my invisibility with a glance.  After we defeated the monster, we determined someone had animated it as undead.

Upon opening the tomb we found a piece of inscribed onyx and the body with its gear was gone.  The stone is inscribed with some very ancient form of dwarven runes.  

We began debating our course of action, while Thaydron and Khan began searching for tracks or other indications of passage by some new group to determine where they came in to the temple.  In the foyer of the Lower Temple, Khan brought to our attention a tuft of bull's, possibly minotaur, hair caught in a ruined lockbox.  It appears to be about a week old.  In this area there are tracks, recent, the other groups, and those which are ancient – about 200.

The Temple area has been completely cleared of any other trace of those who were present.  We follow the tunnel toward the Underdark, and find the tracks of the diplomatic team about 30' in.  Further in, we became aware of some rapid tunneling as if some massive creature is passing through the earth nearby.  

Shortly after, we encountered another beholder; this one was by no means dead.  We attempted to not be noticed, but that did not work.  As it attacked we fled into a tunnel, running and fighting as we went.  We finally managed to drive it off, applied some quick heals, and continued to the caves where the diplomatic team met the Lizard Folk.



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