Kingdom Building Double PCs


Session 8

It is the year Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and late afternoon of the 9th, maybe.

There are suddenly more tracks which Timothy and I manage to pick up.  There are three sets of tracks.  One of them is very light weight, the others fairly heavy.  The tracks are about 5 days old.

We follow the tracks into a cave system.  The tracks become confused and then disappear into the walls.  Using the Ring of the Ram to break through a portion of wall that was apparently magically put in place to prevent anyone from following.  Inside we find a few beds, a focus crystal for Reading Magic cantrip, and an old fire pit.  Here we find another closed off portion, and blast through it as well.

Breaking through we hear voices from deeper inside someplace.  About 50 ft. into the corridor the tunnels split with a segment going off to the left.  Up this branch I spot a figure with a lit torch.  I drop my torch and slide my shield up, moving to Leoroar's left flank I took up a defensive stance.  Doge Laucian moves afront as the others prepare for combat.

Doge Laucian can apparently speak their language, and manages a truce.  There are 4 of them in total once they come into the light.  I step back to retrieve my torch, but Timothy signals for me to leave it for now as he stands watch on the other tunnel.

Doge Laucian negotiates with their shaman, a lizardfolk named Gorkmorkin.  I hear them mention Thay, and attempt to follow the conversation, but I don't speak their language.  The Red Wizards have contacted them to establish trade with the Thayan Conclave.  Fortunately they declined.  The discussions go on for some time.  Apparently, these caves lead into the Underdark.  Their group leader has a brother, Morkgork, and either he or his brother lead excursions into the Underdark for magical supplies.  Laucian finds they speak Abyssal, Aquan, Draconic, Giant, Infernal, Undercommon.  Sounds like Khreon would be able to chat with them.  Laucian established openings for diplomatic relations should we meet with their king at a later date.  The most southerly island west of the river's mouth is a sacred place for them.  In the past they had good relations with the giants, but that was maybe 50 years ago.

We backtrack to the Temple of Benvair.  I manage to activate the boat's command and cause it to shrink into a 1 × 2 × 0.5 ft box weighing about 30 lbs.  Benvair's Magical Shrinking Boat went into Doge Laucian's Handy Haversack.  Then we head outside, to our horses and head for town.  It is night when we finally drag ourselves back into town and meet up with the rest of the Council.

The other team found a lock box with 40 PP Thayan.  Laucian and I discuss the dreams we had.  We discuss our adventures and close calls.  And once we have fully debriefed, we get a good nights rest.  Doge Laucian proposes a policy, and all approve, of keeping updated maps between our two teams.

We determine to visit Trellwan which is WNW of us across the river.



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