Kingdom Building Double PCs

Deeper, deeper into the Mines

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 19th day.

Having just killed some minotaurs, further investigation reveals they are either the same or part of the same clan as those who looted Benvair's Temple.  They are wearing hide armor, carry great axes, and have some exotic heavy crossbows with dual bows and matching triggers.  

We enter into a 30×30 room.  My fireball apparently blew up some potions.  There are two cooked and partially eaten corposes, one a dwarf and the other a human.  The human figure has a rather well preserved robe underneath the tatters of another.  We find a Wand of Identification on him and a holy symbol of Bane.  He is also wearing a Mantle of Lesser Fire Resistance (5/Fire) – Burnt Blood Red.  The dwarf is in scale armor, carries a holy symbol of Moradin, and a broken hammer.  One of the Crossbows is a +2 Giant's Bane Light Crossbow. (additional +2 enhancement bonus and +2d6 bane damage against Giants)

Andianna noticed a couple of secret passages protected by Fire Rune traps.  After disabling the first one, he moves to and disabled the others.  As we finish examining the area, he then informed us he was ready to open the doors.  Each door opens to areas that have not had air in them for some time.  The staleness and dust is nauseating.  Inside the room to the south we find a number of levers.  Testing one of them, I encountered some Black Lotus contact poison and become deathly ill.  (OOC:  I take 6 Con Dmg)  

Using a cloth to avoid touching the poison, Ianward begins toggling the levers and waiting for a response.  We hear distant chains and gears, but cannot see the results of our experimenting.  After using most of them, Thaydron goes to check the door across the way.  There is now a minimal amount of air flowing there, but not in a very healthy way.

We hear a scream off in the distance and move off to investigate.  We continue on into the honey combing of the mines.  Occasionally we come across oil filled lanterns which have been used, though most hung along the way have not been.  Thaydron comes across some blood splatter, apparently human.  Further along the passage we hear indestinct noises ahead.

Following the blood trail we find a human in full plate male, holy symbol of Talos on his neck and tabbard, rolled up piece of fabric on his back.  Armor, pouch, and the rolled up fabric appear to be magical.  The latter is a Banner of Restful Nights:  Abjuration, with Alarm and Endure Elements spells (  The pouch has two pouches inside:  1) Pouch of Assassin's Dust, and 2) Pouch of Restoration Dust (,  The Armor is +1 Restful Full Plate Mail with a faint necromantic aura (

Returning to the direction we were previously traveling, we find a splattering of fresh blood, 2 sets of boot prints and 6 sets of hoof prints, which have passed by about 30 minutes ahead of us – moving at a full run.  He appears to have a symbol of Thay on him, from the description Thaydron gives after casting some kind of tracking magic.

We come across another body.  We strip the magical gear:  a short sword, armor, pouch, and gauntlets, and ring.  We continue along toward sounds of combat – and they cease about 300 yards ahead.  We began moving cautiously, and then …

To be continued next session!



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