Kingdom Building Double PCs

Exploring Sarghad

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 11th day.

We leave Trellwan in the afternoon, and embarked back to Akkadia.  We arrived later that night and conferred with the other members of the council, updating our maps about the Dwarven Settlement, and discussing the Lycanthrope in Trellwan.  A trade caravan apparently attempted to make arrangements with us, but were not able to speak witht he treasurers while they were here in Akkadia.

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 12th day.

Sailing along the river south of Akkadia, I spotted what appeared to be a pretty decent iron deposit with a mine already in place.  We disembarked from the Boat about 1400 Hours, having the Captain and Crew come ashore and store the Boat.  The community we are attempting to contact appears to be about a mile or two inland.  We spotted a rather stationary dust cloud, which turned out to be a stone quarry with very large earth elementals removing and stacking large piles of stone.  Once we approach the town, we notice it is a nearly completed.  There are a number of well developed defenses, four towers, a bailey, and inside is a keep about 50×50 and maybe five stories tall.

Doge Laucian attempted to detect magic as we arrived, and observed a mild aura throughout the settlement.  There is a sign identifying the community as Sarghad written in the common tongue.  As we approach the town, the portcullis begins to rise.  As we enter the settlement, we notice the buildings are framed and roofed, but still under construction.  Some of the foundations appear to be older, so it is likely they are building upon the ruins of something older.  Only the main keep is complete.  Checking for magic again at the main keep, Doge Laucian determines their is transmutation and abjuration magic active or in the process of being set up as permanent effects.  He also observes an arcane mark.  Using comprehend languages, Laucian translates it as Estalia Arcane College:  Studying the Winds of Chaos.

As we go inside, we are in a large hall, twice the size of the outside of the building – running 100×100 feet..  Throughout are bookshelves without books.  In the center is a desk and apparent card catalogs.  Near the desk is a glass case with a copy of the Journal of Benvair in good condition and made with superior materials.  The case is locked, magically locked, alarmed, and covered in protection spells.  It also apparently has a feeblemind traps.

We decide to search upstairs on the 2nd Floor.  We found a wine chilling station in one of the balconies and reading alcoves.  In one area we find a recently used wine glass, bottle of wine, and a used pad of paper.  Tim uses a trick of to reveal the writing from the previous piece of paper, and finds a list of construction materials.  From the flatness of the wine, Doge Laucian determines the occupant had left it out about a day ago.

We head up to the 3rd Floor.  Tim remembers hearing of a tower like this owned by Khelben Blackstaff out of Waterdeep.  There is a winerack, kitchen, dining area, and another spiral stair at the end of a long dormatory hall.  There is a travellers backpack in one corner full of well prepared and very expensive travel rations.

On the 4th Floor we find a large open hall with permanently inscribed summoning circles.  The circles around the outside appear to be aligned to certain areas of the outer planes:  Abyss, Baator, Mount Celestia, and possibly Arborea.  The last seems to be connected to the hero Benvair.  The central circle appears to be a two way gate.

On the 5th Floor we find unfinished crafting stations for alchemy and forging.  Taking the stairs to the 6th floor we find a small building with two doors.  One of the doors is closed, locked, and trapped with Feeblemind.  The other opens up to the night sky of Amn.  Perhaps it is a skrying room for astrologers.  Another stair leads to a room with an observatory for Waterdeep's night sky, one for Cormyr, and the last is for Halruaan Night Sky.  Using his magic device, Tim scries into one of the locked rooms to observe some creature inside a summoning circle.  He denoted its description in order to take it back to Galtus and see if he can figure it out.

We left a note requesting diplomatic relations and apologizing for our intrusion while they were away.  Krieg, using our assistance, felt it was excellent work.  After leaving the note, we leave the building to look around a little more on our way out.  The Elementals had arrived and were busy noisily stacking building materials.

Entering a different door we find another extradimensional space, dark, and with pillars.  The third and last door on the building is locked with a Feeblemind spell, so we determined not to investigate and headed back to the camp by the river.  On the way back we were attacked by a large creature, seemingly a cross between a vulture and a man.  Apparently some kind of demon.



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