Kingdom Building Double PCs

Leaving Town

First Adventure

Today is June 1

It is the year Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn upon the 1st day, and we have been settled in Akkadia since the 1st of Tarsakh, two months ago.  In that time we have explored the immediate area around the our settlement of Akkadia.  [OCC: 1 hex in every direction] We have set up fisheries on the River in order to increase food production.  There is a farm Settlement to the South which we are going to claim in order to avoid.  So far we have seen no sign of the men of Halruaa or of the Thayvian enclave which are reported to have also come to explore and settle these lands.

People have been blacking out or waking up unconscious outside of the forest smelling of alcohol.  We decided to investigate the forest incidents.  We crossed the river to the NE.  

We leave mounted early in the morning and cross the at Shale Ford.  While we were tempted to explore this new land, we chose to pass through and precede directly to the edge of the Ash forest where the incidents have been occuring.  We did not even stop to so the mundanes could eat.

After we had travelled about 8 hours we arrived at the forest edge around 1600 hours.  Theydron guides us to the campsite of the latest incident and we arrive there about 1700 hours.  As we approach there is the soft smell of smoke from burning wood.  It is too great to be a campfire.

Thaydron broke off from the main group and left us to follow the hunting trail we had been on since entering the woods.  We dismounted, and began leading our horses along.  We found the campsite and encountered an entity from beyond our realms.

Thaydron fired upon it with seeming little effect.  And it became more solid as it reacted in kind.  Then Khan assaulted in defense of his master.  I suspect Goltus is attempting to identify the smokey creature.  Armoring myself with magic I move forward to prepare for combat.  Ianward came around upon the creatures right, if it can be said to have a right, for his attack.  Thaydron fired upon the beast while commanding Khan to attack as the beast mauled Ianward.  Goltus moved to heal Ianwards wounds as I prepared to charge skewering it as best I could bringing it down.  Observing the corpse, Goltus was able to identify it as a Belker – an evil elemental from the plane of air.

Immediately after the death we began to hear the sound of Elven horns hurriedly approaching the clearing.  Thaydron was able to parlee with the leader of the patrols which rushed upon us.  Ianward sized them up and determined they were experienced in combat if not the most disciplined seeming sort.  Rather typical of elves in my opinion.  The elves informed us they had been having difficulties with Belkers in their woodlands for about a month.  It would not be beyond the strategies of my Thayvian kin to set up summoning circles that would spawn such creatures to wear down potential rivals for regional resources.

The leader of the Elven forces, one Teagan Silveroak, felt that the incidents our woodsmen had experienced resulted from the shenanigans of youths.  As no one present held official rank in our societies, we agreed to postpone negotiating any understanding between our peoples.  While they mentioned ogres and other giantkin they had not encountered any for a few months.

After meeting with the Elves with it getting late, we retired back across the Kuriah river to Akkadia.



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