Kingdom Building Double PCs

Rushing under where?

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 22nd day.

We set out to try and explore our way back to our own territory.  We theorize the mines lead to the island near to Akkadia.  On the way we spot more signs of the minotaurs we have already dispatched.  And then find another room with a portal.

The common use of portals here is somewhat unsettling.  There are way too many "back doors" into the lands we are attempting to settle.  This one appears to be part of some cult and the smell is that of what I can only imagine is a cheap house of ill repute.

We come to another dead dwarf, at a sentry position on the passage.  Nearby we find a rest station for passing through the mines area with well preserved rations (cheese, hard tack, salt pork, hard tack, etc.)  The mine appears to have been abandoned about 10 years.  In the storage room to these barracks we found: 7 Cure Lt. Wounds Pot.s, and 3 Lesser Restoration Pot.s.  We also found 3 scrolls:  1 w/Cure Lt. x3, 1 w/Cure Mod. x3, and 1 w/Remove Poison x 2, Cure Dis. x1, Less Rest. x2.  We also found 3 sets of dwarven clothes in the chests in the Barracks.

We set watch order and then bed down.  In the morning we find that same T mark in the room which appeared last time we took a full rest.  Either something is following us, someone is still possessed, one of the magic items is more than we suspect, or another force is at work which I have not imagined.

We come to the central rail round table for the ore carts.  There are various directions to move out from here.  As we continue deeper and deeper into the tunnels, we halt because those in front hear a droning whisper sound.  We determine it is flowing water, and reorienting ourselves, that we are now below Akkadia.  When we find the water it turns out to be a waterfall, with a bridge across it.  Beyond that we come to a dead end.

With nowhere else to go, we head back toward the intersection behind us to camp for the night.  After we rest, Ianward, has broken out in a rash.   Goltus attempts to treat it, to no avail until he dispelled magic.  Then the backblast of the effect caused him some damage.  We found another T in our camp.  This time near me.  Suddenly, Ianward laughs and claims the T has been appearing as a prank by him.  It is apparenlty a poewr of the Doom Stone to shape stone.  Unsure of the powers of the Stone, we determined to put it in a lock box and then into a Havarsack.

We double time back to where we came in to the mines, and using Fly, depart the area.  After 12 hours of forced march we set up camp a small distance from the entrance of the mine.  There, we rested and prepared for the journey back.

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 25th day.

We awaken after having nightmares, have a quick breakfast as we discuss them, and depart for Akkadia.  Under Pass w/o Trace we double time again back to Akkadia.  As we arrive we find our new building, the Luxery Store, is nearly completed.

A dream from this session:  "As you sleep your slumber becomes restless you toss and turn, and then are still as you sink deeper into your dreams. You hear chanting coming from down the tunnel. You see hard natural stone all about you. What little light comes from a massive bonfire down the tunnel towards the main chamber. As you walk down the tunnel you look to the left and right and you see figures writhing in the shadows. These figures look to be in torment… or is it ecstassy.  Is their writhing due to combat? Or carnal desires? As you get off the path to investigate… you awake."



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