Kingdom Building Double PCs

Townies out and about

Session 6

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and evening of the 7th.

The Priest Brother Mendal is investigating the Book found at the farm, though he doesn't seem to be taking it seriously.  While the acting magister, Fudruckle Polywidgetter, has been examining the Ring of the Ram.  Doge Laucian examined the ring thoroughly and is as certain as he can be it is not cursed.  He did determine it has about 13 charges left as well as other mystical residue of some kind. 

The Councilor has heard people would like an inn for visitors.  Doge Laucian listened carefully to all members of the council, and suggested we put in a Luxury Store and another house for residents in order to promote trade.  During our discussion, I suggested we garner allies since we know Thay is attempting to set up an enclave here.  Diplomat Krieg concurred.  After some discussion we agreed to get some rest and strike out for Ashwood in the Morning.

It is the year Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and evening of the 8th.

In the morning Councilor Charles summoned us some mounts and we headed toward Ashwood to meet with the elves.  We reached the logging camp after a couple of hours and discharged the flair in order to contact Teagan Silveroak.  After about an hour we could hear their approach from deeper within the wood.  About a dozen of them arrived several minutes later.  The Doge waved them in with courtesy.  (OCC:  Leoroar cast detect evil as the elves approached.  He detected one of their company, a young elf near the rear of their group as evil.)  

After meeting up with Lt. Silveroak, we were led through the forest to a small settlement of about 20 buildings.  (OCC:  Leoroar informed Ambassador Krieg of the elf whom he detected was evil.)  Our hosts took our mounts and lead them away.  Then Lt. Silveroak brought us before their ruling council.  (OCC:  Leoroar again detected evil and whispered to Ambassador Krieg that the member on the far right is evil.)  The leaders with whom we met included: High Elder Aristobulus Silveroak, Elder Harimandi Silveroak (Evil).  The Elves call the area Silveroak Woods, after their clan rather than the dominant tree of the forest.

High Elder Aristobulus Silveroak, a Gold Elf, seems affable enough.  After an exchange of greetings and declaring each of our community's intent, their leader identified their settlements within the wood and the claim of their community upon the entirety of the wood.  When suggesting we might trade for the right to cut lumber from the edge of their land, we were informed there are trees for logging on the island directly to the west of Akkadia.

We then withdrew to discuss our position.  We discussed offering to replant any lumber acquired from the edges of their land.  We also discussed the possibility of exploring the island to the west of Arkkadia to see if there is enough lumber available there to suit our needs.  Leoroar quietly let us know that he assessed Elder Harimandi Silveroak, a Moon Elf, as being evil.

Elder Harimandi broke in during negotiations, and suggested a small amount of logging in the southern tip of their forest might be agreed to if we aid them both in relations with the other human settlements to the southwest of Akkadia and kill any Belkurs we might find.  The elves executed a pre-emptive strike on these groups because they mistook their mages as the one's summoning the Belkurs.  They would like to use us to mediate in establishing diplomatic contact and amiable relations with these other settlements.  Doge Laucian, agreed to the condition, asking if someone from the Elven Community might accompany us in order to ensure the gesture would seem tangible.  High Elder Aristobulus agreed that if it was necessary that could be arranged.  We suggested a regular embassy be established between our communities.  This was not established, but we were informed our people could raise a blue flag so their patrols would be aware a friendly agreement exists between our communities.

Before we concluded they asked if we could identify a coin found by one of their patrols on some interloping gnolls.  I did.  It belonged to those evil Thayan bastards.  Councilor Charles was more congenial in his description of them than I.  After our meeting we returned to Akkadia and prepared to go and investigate the cult to the south of our hamlet.



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