Kingdom Building Double PCs

Visiting Trellwan

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 11th day.

Having surveyed the town we find a ship's captain, Owen Darkeyes, whom we assign to command the boat we retrieved from the Temple of Benvair.  We have a captain, 5 man crew, Charles, and the Diplomatic Team coming to a total of 12 persons.  We expend part of the treasury to cover the cost of meals, and depart for Trellwan.   Doge Laucian begins teaching Draconic to our Diplomat, Kreig.

One of our crew members is from Trellwan.  We casually asked him for information about the town.  It is a basic developing hamlet with pallisade for defense.  He thinks he might have seen a Thayan coin, though he did not remember seeing anyone in the red robes favored by the Thayan wizards.

We anchored in the River for the night and set watch.  I thought I saw something in the forest during 2nd Watch, but nothing interrupted us with which we needed to deal.  Near morning there was more activity in Ashwood, but we assumed it was the elves since there was no hostilities.  

It is the year Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 12th day.

While breaking our fast, we discuss the night and find that those of us in the Diplomatic Team had strange dreams.  Close to nightmarish.  Asking the Captain and Crew we find that they also suffered from such dreams, though their memory of them was more scanty.  Doge Laucian began keeping a record of the dreams in a journal he dedicated to the purpose.

Our crewman from Trellwan does not want to go with us into town, because of the negativity and irritability of the town before he had immigrated to us.  He also discusses how the dwarves suffered some sort of disease about two months ago and quarantined themselves from the rest of the world.

We divide up, leaving Charles and the Crew to guard the boat.  We disembarked for shore in a row boat.  Charles prepared us magical mounts, and we set off for Trellwan.  To the NW we get a clear sight of a mountain range.  To the south we spot the skyline of a castle.  As we approach, there are farms with livestock along the way.  Their palisade, about 10' high, is rather run of the mill, and complete.

A bit after noon, we reach the town itself.  There is no movement along the road.  We enter the little burg by the main gate.  The town leader appears to be the Pastor Owen Vogel, head of the Church of Chauntea which patronizes Trellwan.  We stable the horses at the local inn and head to the Temple.
    Building List
01 Temple                07 Shop (Tanning Salon)
02 Manor House                08 Shop
03 Town Square                09 Shop
04 Bank                    10 Shop
05 Inn                    11 Shop
06 General Store            12 Shop

We disarm in the front of the Temple and the rest of the party go on into the main sanctuary.  The interior has a high arch, and the first two stories make up the sanctuary proper.  The Diplomat and Investigators enter private negotiations with the Priest.  

They open negotiations on behalf of the Elves.  During their discussion it is revealed that there was some unjust event (a rape) for which the townfolk sought to obtain justice.  The perpetrator was apparently one Sien Silveroak, and three companions.  A posse from Trellwan went after the perpetrators and then were slaughtered by the elves.

Father Vogel also provided us some updates to our map.  Identifying the location of a Dwarven outpost from which they had obtained some aid in building their settlement.

The Priest asked if any of our people were healers which could take a look at a strange wound.  Afterwhich we all re-equipped our gear and followed the man to another building where there is a gentleman with a bite wound believed to be lycanthropic.  After examining the man, it appears to be a badger bite and lycanthropic.  We have no one strong enough to remove the curse, and recommend they feed him massive amounts of wolvesbane.  He may have acquired the disease while attempting to contact the dwarves to see what had happened to them.

We discussed trade, and found the community has a number of people who make wands, especially wands that can cure wounds.  They have a bank in town, which is well fortified.  Trellwan is predominantly a farming community, so we may eventually need strong relations as a food source.  

Leoroar and Timothy enter the bank to investigate the kind of services they offer.  Coinage noticed were predominantly Harulean, Amnish, Baldur's Gate, and a few Thayan.  The bankers come from Shadegove, which is NE from Trellwan.  They have loans up to about 1,000 gp at 5% interest.  They arrange some trade in magic items for a mage of the Silveroaks.

Concluding our business in Trellwan we pick up more rations and returned tot he boat.



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