Party Gear

Items found by the party and not assigned


Feather Token (Wooden from Teagen) Swan Boat

Ring of the Ram 13 charges, additional magical residue
Book of Benvair Cult

11 Everburning torches from mining tunnels

In benvair’s Tomb

+1 Butt Plug Sap of Ghost Touch

Prototype Folding Boat – 30 LBs 1 foot by 2 by 6 inchs depth.

Restoration Dust x2

Assassin’s Dust x4

50 foot silk rope x3
21 days trail rations
3 wine skins

10 pieces of chalk
1 hammer
10 pitons

1 small journal

10 sunrods, 5 bulleye lanterns 20 pints of oil, 500 feet of hemp rope. 20 tindertwigs, 30 days trails rations, 1 mini keg of ale, 5 waterskins, 50 crossbow bolts, 30 pitons, 3 hammers.


Party Gear

Kingdom Building Double PCs Xander