Kingdom Building Double PCs

A Month for Rest and Relaxation

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 24th day.

We awaken after having nightmares, have a quick breakfast as we discuss them, and depart for Akkadia.  Under Pass w/o Trace we double time again back to Akkadia.  As we arrive we find our new building, the Luxery Store, is nearly completed.

    "As you sleep your slumber becomes restless you toss and turn, and then are still as you sink deeper into your dreams.  You hear chanting coming from down the tunnel.  You see hard natural stone all about you.  What little light comes from a massive bonfire down the tunnel towards the main chamber.  As you walk down the tunnel you look to the left and right and you see figures writhing in the shadows.  These figures look to be in torment… or is it ecstassy.  Is their writhing  due to combat? Or carnal desires?  As you get off the path to investigate… you awake."

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 25th day.

Investigating the Journal we found, it turns out to be someone's diary covering a week of exploration.  He or she was in the service of Thay, working with a cleric of Bane, an apprentice wizard, and two knights.  They used a portal to get into the mines, and then were ambushed by minotaurs.  The journal ends abruptly.

Attempting to learn more about the Doom Stone (Brown), the following properties are identified:  +1 Natural Armor, 5 Energy Resistance to Acid.  Plus:
1/day Stoneskin as wizard CL12
2/day Stinking Cloud (Dc 16)
1/day Stone Shape CL12
1/week Animate Dead CL10
3/day Ghoul Touch CL10
There is a general consensus that it radiates an evil nature.

We begin taking a break from adventuring to catch up on paperwork and other administrative duties.  The kingdom has been unstable for a short period of time, but good law enforcemnt has aided in restoring orderliness.  We added a farm to our town, and collected taxes.  Then we directed the pioneers with us set up a shrine and begin working on the construction of our mansion.

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Flamerule, and its 1st day.

    We spent the month merching out our equipment.  After skillful negotiation we were able to get 2 gems worth 5000 gp, 11 gems worth 1000 each, 400 PP, 102 GP, and 5 SP for all the equipment we didn't need.

The following information was acquired by our spymaster during the month:
1) A group of people always different, always unfamiliar has been asking about where the town leaders have been towards the end of last month.
2) An unusual amount of robberies and murders has occurred over the last month, but no one can find any evidence of who is doing it, nor are there any real rumors of a new thieves or assassin guild.
3) A Group of people came through town and a clerical symbol of bane was glimpsed on more than one.  
4) The bankers guild in the luxury shop has been buying up most of the ready cash in the town.

At council moot, we determined that to improve our economy and improve stability, we should build a smithy.  The crops nearly failed, but the local druid was able to stave it off.  Some of the patrols spot signs of giants about 4 leagues out from Akkadia.  There were signs of various animal carcases which had been eaten.

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Eleasis, on its 1st day.  

A group of us set off to investigate the signs of the Giants.

Rushing under where?

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 22nd day.

We set out to try and explore our way back to our own territory.  We theorize the mines lead to the island near to Akkadia.  On the way we spot more signs of the minotaurs we have already dispatched.  And then find another room with a portal.

The common use of portals here is somewhat unsettling.  There are way too many "back doors" into the lands we are attempting to settle.  This one appears to be part of some cult and the smell is that of what I can only imagine is a cheap house of ill repute.

We come to another dead dwarf, at a sentry position on the passage.  Nearby we find a rest station for passing through the mines area with well preserved rations (cheese, hard tack, salt pork, hard tack, etc.)  The mine appears to have been abandoned about 10 years.  In the storage room to these barracks we found: 7 Cure Lt. Wounds Pot.s, and 3 Lesser Restoration Pot.s.  We also found 3 scrolls:  1 w/Cure Lt. x3, 1 w/Cure Mod. x3, and 1 w/Remove Poison x 2, Cure Dis. x1, Less Rest. x2.  We also found 3 sets of dwarven clothes in the chests in the Barracks.

We set watch order and then bed down.  In the morning we find that same T mark in the room which appeared last time we took a full rest.  Either something is following us, someone is still possessed, one of the magic items is more than we suspect, or another force is at work which I have not imagined.

We come to the central rail round table for the ore carts.  There are various directions to move out from here.  As we continue deeper and deeper into the tunnels, we halt because those in front hear a droning whisper sound.  We determine it is flowing water, and reorienting ourselves, that we are now below Akkadia.  When we find the water it turns out to be a waterfall, with a bridge across it.  Beyond that we come to a dead end.

With nowhere else to go, we head back toward the intersection behind us to camp for the night.  After we rest, Ianward, has broken out in a rash.   Goltus attempts to treat it, to no avail until he dispelled magic.  Then the backblast of the effect caused him some damage.  We found another T in our camp.  This time near me.  Suddenly, Ianward laughs and claims the T has been appearing as a prank by him.  It is apparenlty a poewr of the Doom Stone to shape stone.  Unsure of the powers of the Stone, we determined to put it in a lock box and then into a Havarsack.

We double time back to where we came in to the mines, and using Fly, depart the area.  After 12 hours of forced march we set up camp a small distance from the entrance of the mine.  There, we rested and prepared for the journey back.

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 25th day.

We awaken after having nightmares, have a quick breakfast as we discuss them, and depart for Akkadia.  Under Pass w/o Trace we double time again back to Akkadia.  As we arrive we find our new building, the Luxery Store, is nearly completed.

A dream from this session:  "As you sleep your slumber becomes restless you toss and turn, and then are still as you sink deeper into your dreams. You hear chanting coming from down the tunnel. You see hard natural stone all about you. What little light comes from a massive bonfire down the tunnel towards the main chamber. As you walk down the tunnel you look to the left and right and you see figures writhing in the shadows. These figures look to be in torment… or is it ecstassy.  Is their writhing due to combat? Or carnal desires? As you get off the path to investigate… you awake."

The Lying Dwarf

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 21st day.

Continued …

The ramp comes to a pond with a number of large square buildings around it.  At the bank there are a about 20 figures in a mound, as Thaydron counts them.  Directly the other side of the pond there is a larger building, aparently showing more respect for something.  I attempt to detect magic, and there is so much I am blinded for a short period.

Goltus, Thaydron, and I do a spellcraft check with limited results.  As Thaydron notes the lack of battle damage on the dwarven corpses, the spirit of a departed dwarf manifests over their bodies.  As we draw nearer, the ghost speaks to us in common and tells us that if we seek the Doomstone we can't leave.  Apparently these doomstones have been around awhile, and can only be destroyed by the sword of which we lost track.  There are four of them total, and one of them is held by someone who is dead and about to not be.  

An undead dwarf rises from the water and attacks Ianward.  It turns out to be a vampire.  Ianward picked up the crown with the doomstone.  Andiana collected the rest of the gear.  Then we headed back.  I do not trust the presence of this stone in our party.  There is an elder and powerful magic here which makes my horns tingle.

Back in the room where we camped the other day, we set up to rest.  I identify the gear from the dwarf lord:  +1 Mod Fort Scale Mail, +1 Keen Battle Axe, +2 Ring Prot, +2 Cloak Resist, and +1 Hvy Steel Shield of Arrow Catching.  This leaves the wand with 21 charges remaining.  Then we healed up and rested for the night.  During the night Thaydrom noticed a strange mark inscribed in the floor.  It turns out to be the letter T in Dwarven.

Before the Door

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 20th day.

We gather ourselves together after a night of rest and recovery under the healing hand of our ranger and cleric.  Then we venture forth to explore some more of the area.

Not long after getting started we encountered a couple of dwarves.  Attempts to parley quickly failed, and we ended up fighting them only to discover they were Werebadgers.  We looted the two and continued our exploration, having discovered we are now within the island near our town.

We descend a spiral stair for some distance to a door, approximately 20 × 20 with a large crack at the bottom.  As a group, we discussed leaving, but some of our party felt almost compelled to continue exploring.  The party slips through the crack, barely to find a room with a geyser lit by a large ball of light.  There are inscriptions in dwarven at the back of the room, indicating this is a tomb.  Andiana manages to get a reference to some sort of brown stone.  While Thaydron notices some badger tracks, not werebadger, real badger.

Finding the Thay Camp
It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 19th day.
Continued from last session …
Andiana moves silently up behind the minotaurs ahead, intent on a sneak attack.  Each of us advances, and attacks as opportunity avails.  However, the men they were fighting fell before we could assist.  We barely manage to take down the minotaurs.  The mystical imp known as Murphy may have been secretly present and working against us given the luck we had during the battle.  Thaydron estimates it is about 8 pm after the encounter.
The men have Thayan livry, and beyond them we find a room with a campfire, some tents, and a portal which the Thayan wizard might have used to leave the area.  Andianna takes care of the traps, while Thaydron stripped the dead for loot.  Among the several items looted is a small journal.  The dates on the pages are in common.  The rest is encrypted.
In the tent marked as Thayan is a small altar to Bane.  The other tent is marked as belonging to a servant of Talos. Galtos damaged the portal, and an attempt to use it caused it to shatter – damaging all of us some in the blast.  Once we could secure the area we decided to stay and rest for the night.  With Thaydron providing care, we heal a great deal as we rest.
Deeper, deeper into the Mines

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 19th day.

Having just killed some minotaurs, further investigation reveals they are either the same or part of the same clan as those who looted Benvair's Temple.  They are wearing hide armor, carry great axes, and have some exotic heavy crossbows with dual bows and matching triggers.  

We enter into a 30×30 room.  My fireball apparently blew up some potions.  There are two cooked and partially eaten corposes, one a dwarf and the other a human.  The human figure has a rather well preserved robe underneath the tatters of another.  We find a Wand of Identification on him and a holy symbol of Bane.  He is also wearing a Mantle of Lesser Fire Resistance (5/Fire) – Burnt Blood Red.  The dwarf is in scale armor, carries a holy symbol of Moradin, and a broken hammer.  One of the Crossbows is a +2 Giant's Bane Light Crossbow. (additional +2 enhancement bonus and +2d6 bane damage against Giants)

Andianna noticed a couple of secret passages protected by Fire Rune traps.  After disabling the first one, he moves to and disabled the others.  As we finish examining the area, he then informed us he was ready to open the doors.  Each door opens to areas that have not had air in them for some time.  The staleness and dust is nauseating.  Inside the room to the south we find a number of levers.  Testing one of them, I encountered some Black Lotus contact poison and become deathly ill.  (OOC:  I take 6 Con Dmg)  

Using a cloth to avoid touching the poison, Ianward begins toggling the levers and waiting for a response.  We hear distant chains and gears, but cannot see the results of our experimenting.  After using most of them, Thaydron goes to check the door across the way.  There is now a minimal amount of air flowing there, but not in a very healthy way.

We hear a scream off in the distance and move off to investigate.  We continue on into the honey combing of the mines.  Occasionally we come across oil filled lanterns which have been used, though most hung along the way have not been.  Thaydron comes across some blood splatter, apparently human.  Further along the passage we hear indestinct noises ahead.

Following the blood trail we find a human in full plate male, holy symbol of Talos on his neck and tabbard, rolled up piece of fabric on his back.  Armor, pouch, and the rolled up fabric appear to be magical.  The latter is a Banner of Restful Nights:  Abjuration, with Alarm and Endure Elements spells (  The pouch has two pouches inside:  1) Pouch of Assassin's Dust, and 2) Pouch of Restoration Dust (,  The Armor is +1 Restful Full Plate Mail with a faint necromantic aura (

Returning to the direction we were previously traveling, we find a splattering of fresh blood, 2 sets of boot prints and 6 sets of hoof prints, which have passed by about 30 minutes ahead of us – moving at a full run.  He appears to have a symbol of Thay on him, from the description Thaydron gives after casting some kind of tracking magic.

We come across another body.  We strip the magical gear:  a short sword, armor, pouch, and gauntlets, and ring.  We continue along toward sounds of combat – and they cease about 300 yards ahead.  We began moving cautiously, and then …

To be continued next session!

Behold the Day

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 14th day.

Our diplomatic group visited the Elves and relayed the information we obtained from Trellwan.  We then agreed to establish diplomatic relations, with consulates in each others community, within the next couple of months.

Meanwhile we headed to the Temple of Benvair to obtain Doomsbane.  Once we entered the temple itself, we headed to the Tomb of Benvair.  As we were attempting to open the sarcaphagus, the Beholder rose up and attacked us.  I turned invisible, and as it turned around it dispelled my invisibility with a glance.  After we defeated the monster, we determined someone had animated it as undead.

Upon opening the tomb we found a piece of inscribed onyx and the body with its gear was gone.  The stone is inscribed with some very ancient form of dwarven runes.  

We began debating our course of action, while Thaydron and Khan began searching for tracks or other indications of passage by some new group to determine where they came in to the temple.  In the foyer of the Lower Temple, Khan brought to our attention a tuft of bull's, possibly minotaur, hair caught in a ruined lockbox.  It appears to be about a week old.  In this area there are tracks, recent, the other groups, and those which are ancient – about 200.

The Temple area has been completely cleared of any other trace of those who were present.  We follow the tunnel toward the Underdark, and find the tracks of the diplomatic team about 30' in.  Further in, we became aware of some rapid tunneling as if some massive creature is passing through the earth nearby.  

Shortly after, we encountered another beholder; this one was by no means dead.  We attempted to not be noticed, but that did not work.  As it attacked we fled into a tunnel, running and fighting as we went.  We finally managed to drive it off, applied some quick heals, and continued to the caves where the diplomatic team met the Lizard Folk.

Exploring Sarghad

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 11th day.

We leave Trellwan in the afternoon, and embarked back to Akkadia.  We arrived later that night and conferred with the other members of the council, updating our maps about the Dwarven Settlement, and discussing the Lycanthrope in Trellwan.  A trade caravan apparently attempted to make arrangements with us, but were not able to speak witht he treasurers while they were here in Akkadia.

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 12th day.

Sailing along the river south of Akkadia, I spotted what appeared to be a pretty decent iron deposit with a mine already in place.  We disembarked from the Boat about 1400 Hours, having the Captain and Crew come ashore and store the Boat.  The community we are attempting to contact appears to be about a mile or two inland.  We spotted a rather stationary dust cloud, which turned out to be a stone quarry with very large earth elementals removing and stacking large piles of stone.  Once we approach the town, we notice it is a nearly completed.  There are a number of well developed defenses, four towers, a bailey, and inside is a keep about 50×50 and maybe five stories tall.

Doge Laucian attempted to detect magic as we arrived, and observed a mild aura throughout the settlement.  There is a sign identifying the community as Sarghad written in the common tongue.  As we approach the town, the portcullis begins to rise.  As we enter the settlement, we notice the buildings are framed and roofed, but still under construction.  Some of the foundations appear to be older, so it is likely they are building upon the ruins of something older.  Only the main keep is complete.  Checking for magic again at the main keep, Doge Laucian determines their is transmutation and abjuration magic active or in the process of being set up as permanent effects.  He also observes an arcane mark.  Using comprehend languages, Laucian translates it as Estalia Arcane College:  Studying the Winds of Chaos.

As we go inside, we are in a large hall, twice the size of the outside of the building – running 100×100 feet..  Throughout are bookshelves without books.  In the center is a desk and apparent card catalogs.  Near the desk is a glass case with a copy of the Journal of Benvair in good condition and made with superior materials.  The case is locked, magically locked, alarmed, and covered in protection spells.  It also apparently has a feeblemind traps.

We decide to search upstairs on the 2nd Floor.  We found a wine chilling station in one of the balconies and reading alcoves.  In one area we find a recently used wine glass, bottle of wine, and a used pad of paper.  Tim uses a trick of to reveal the writing from the previous piece of paper, and finds a list of construction materials.  From the flatness of the wine, Doge Laucian determines the occupant had left it out about a day ago.

We head up to the 3rd Floor.  Tim remembers hearing of a tower like this owned by Khelben Blackstaff out of Waterdeep.  There is a winerack, kitchen, dining area, and another spiral stair at the end of a long dormatory hall.  There is a travellers backpack in one corner full of well prepared and very expensive travel rations.

On the 4th Floor we find a large open hall with permanently inscribed summoning circles.  The circles around the outside appear to be aligned to certain areas of the outer planes:  Abyss, Baator, Mount Celestia, and possibly Arborea.  The last seems to be connected to the hero Benvair.  The central circle appears to be a two way gate.

On the 5th Floor we find unfinished crafting stations for alchemy and forging.  Taking the stairs to the 6th floor we find a small building with two doors.  One of the doors is closed, locked, and trapped with Feeblemind.  The other opens up to the night sky of Amn.  Perhaps it is a skrying room for astrologers.  Another stair leads to a room with an observatory for Waterdeep's night sky, one for Cormyr, and the last is for Halruaan Night Sky.  Using his magic device, Tim scries into one of the locked rooms to observe some creature inside a summoning circle.  He denoted its description in order to take it back to Galtus and see if he can figure it out.

We left a note requesting diplomatic relations and apologizing for our intrusion while they were away.  Krieg, using our assistance, felt it was excellent work.  After leaving the note, we leave the building to look around a little more on our way out.  The Elementals had arrived and were busy noisily stacking building materials.

Entering a different door we find another extradimensional space, dark, and with pillars.  The third and last door on the building is locked with a Feeblemind spell, so we determined not to investigate and headed back to the camp by the river.  On the way back we were attacked by a large creature, seemingly a cross between a vulture and a man.  Apparently some kind of demon.

Visiting Trellwan

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 11th day.

Having surveyed the town we find a ship's captain, Owen Darkeyes, whom we assign to command the boat we retrieved from the Temple of Benvair.  We have a captain, 5 man crew, Charles, and the Diplomatic Team coming to a total of 12 persons.  We expend part of the treasury to cover the cost of meals, and depart for Trellwan.   Doge Laucian begins teaching Draconic to our Diplomat, Kreig.

One of our crew members is from Trellwan.  We casually asked him for information about the town.  It is a basic developing hamlet with pallisade for defense.  He thinks he might have seen a Thayan coin, though he did not remember seeing anyone in the red robes favored by the Thayan wizards.

We anchored in the River for the night and set watch.  I thought I saw something in the forest during 2nd Watch, but nothing interrupted us with which we needed to deal.  Near morning there was more activity in Ashwood, but we assumed it was the elves since there was no hostilities.  

It is the year Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 12th day.

While breaking our fast, we discuss the night and find that those of us in the Diplomatic Team had strange dreams.  Close to nightmarish.  Asking the Captain and Crew we find that they also suffered from such dreams, though their memory of them was more scanty.  Doge Laucian began keeping a record of the dreams in a journal he dedicated to the purpose.

Our crewman from Trellwan does not want to go with us into town, because of the negativity and irritability of the town before he had immigrated to us.  He also discusses how the dwarves suffered some sort of disease about two months ago and quarantined themselves from the rest of the world.

We divide up, leaving Charles and the Crew to guard the boat.  We disembarked for shore in a row boat.  Charles prepared us magical mounts, and we set off for Trellwan.  To the NW we get a clear sight of a mountain range.  To the south we spot the skyline of a castle.  As we approach, there are farms with livestock along the way.  Their palisade, about 10' high, is rather run of the mill, and complete.

A bit after noon, we reach the town itself.  There is no movement along the road.  We enter the little burg by the main gate.  The town leader appears to be the Pastor Owen Vogel, head of the Church of Chauntea which patronizes Trellwan.  We stable the horses at the local inn and head to the Temple.
    Building List
01 Temple                07 Shop (Tanning Salon)
02 Manor House                08 Shop
03 Town Square                09 Shop
04 Bank                    10 Shop
05 Inn                    11 Shop
06 General Store            12 Shop

We disarm in the front of the Temple and the rest of the party go on into the main sanctuary.  The interior has a high arch, and the first two stories make up the sanctuary proper.  The Diplomat and Investigators enter private negotiations with the Priest.  

They open negotiations on behalf of the Elves.  During their discussion it is revealed that there was some unjust event (a rape) for which the townfolk sought to obtain justice.  The perpetrator was apparently one Sien Silveroak, and three companions.  A posse from Trellwan went after the perpetrators and then were slaughtered by the elves.

Father Vogel also provided us some updates to our map.  Identifying the location of a Dwarven outpost from which they had obtained some aid in building their settlement.

The Priest asked if any of our people were healers which could take a look at a strange wound.  Afterwhich we all re-equipped our gear and followed the man to another building where there is a gentleman with a bite wound believed to be lycanthropic.  After examining the man, it appears to be a badger bite and lycanthropic.  We have no one strong enough to remove the curse, and recommend they feed him massive amounts of wolvesbane.  He may have acquired the disease while attempting to contact the dwarves to see what had happened to them.

We discussed trade, and found the community has a number of people who make wands, especially wands that can cure wounds.  They have a bank in town, which is well fortified.  Trellwan is predominantly a farming community, so we may eventually need strong relations as a food source.  

Leoroar and Timothy enter the bank to investigate the kind of services they offer.  Coinage noticed were predominantly Harulean, Amnish, Baldur's Gate, and a few Thayan.  The bankers come from Shadegove, which is NE from Trellwan.  They have loans up to about 1,000 gp at 5% interest.  They arrange some trade in magic items for a mage of the Silveroaks.

Concluding our business in Trellwan we pick up more rations and returned tot he boat.

Session 8

It is the year Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and late afternoon of the 9th, maybe.

There are suddenly more tracks which Timothy and I manage to pick up.  There are three sets of tracks.  One of them is very light weight, the others fairly heavy.  The tracks are about 5 days old.

We follow the tracks into a cave system.  The tracks become confused and then disappear into the walls.  Using the Ring of the Ram to break through a portion of wall that was apparently magically put in place to prevent anyone from following.  Inside we find a few beds, a focus crystal for Reading Magic cantrip, and an old fire pit.  Here we find another closed off portion, and blast through it as well.

Breaking through we hear voices from deeper inside someplace.  About 50 ft. into the corridor the tunnels split with a segment going off to the left.  Up this branch I spot a figure with a lit torch.  I drop my torch and slide my shield up, moving to Leoroar's left flank I took up a defensive stance.  Doge Laucian moves afront as the others prepare for combat.

Doge Laucian can apparently speak their language, and manages a truce.  There are 4 of them in total once they come into the light.  I step back to retrieve my torch, but Timothy signals for me to leave it for now as he stands watch on the other tunnel.

Doge Laucian negotiates with their shaman, a lizardfolk named Gorkmorkin.  I hear them mention Thay, and attempt to follow the conversation, but I don't speak their language.  The Red Wizards have contacted them to establish trade with the Thayan Conclave.  Fortunately they declined.  The discussions go on for some time.  Apparently, these caves lead into the Underdark.  Their group leader has a brother, Morkgork, and either he or his brother lead excursions into the Underdark for magical supplies.  Laucian finds they speak Abyssal, Aquan, Draconic, Giant, Infernal, Undercommon.  Sounds like Khreon would be able to chat with them.  Laucian established openings for diplomatic relations should we meet with their king at a later date.  The most southerly island west of the river's mouth is a sacred place for them.  In the past they had good relations with the giants, but that was maybe 50 years ago.

We backtrack to the Temple of Benvair.  I manage to activate the boat's command and cause it to shrink into a 1 × 2 × 0.5 ft box weighing about 30 lbs.  Benvair's Magical Shrinking Boat went into Doge Laucian's Handy Haversack.  Then we head outside, to our horses and head for town.  It is night when we finally drag ourselves back into town and meet up with the rest of the Council.

The other team found a lock box with 40 PP Thayan.  Laucian and I discuss the dreams we had.  We discuss our adventures and close calls.  And once we have fully debriefed, we get a good nights rest.  Doge Laucian proposes a policy, and all approve, of keeping updated maps between our two teams.

We determine to visit Trellwan which is WNW of us across the river.


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