Kingdom Building Double PCs

After the Gnolls

Session 4 Or Getting the Shaft

The gnolls scattered to the North and South of the entrance to their compound and seeking to use the walls as a barrier against my attacks.  Thaydron, Ianward, and Khan scrambled up the dike on the north side to be met by a couple of Flinds.  Four gnolls mounted the wall on the south to use ranged against us.  Within a few rounds they had eliminated my mirror images and wounded me with several arrows.  Goltus finally made it up onto the north wall, and I joined him there.  Khan having pounced upon one of the Flinds shredded it as only a cat can.  Shortly, thereafter, we remained standing and they did not.  As the combat ended, Andiana rejoined us with news of a second band of gnolls headed toward the mountains.  As we began searching we found some coins, mundane, and magical loot.

We found a trap door, and the construction of appears very old.  Below was a stone reinforced shaft descending on a 70 degree angle.  I put a light spell on one of the fake coins from the Pawldo's trail and let it slide into the shaft.  Then Ianward entered the shaft feet first, to attempt to climb down, though the slope great and his descent was not as controlled as he desired.  Catching himself before the end of the shaft, he found the end of the shaft held a drop about 40' to floor level.  He called back up the shaft, which Thaydron estimated to be about 200'.

The shaft turned out to be an air shaft to an old mine.  Andiana joined Ianward, and determined it was an Ore Processing station which had been abandoned about 75 years ago.  Upon returning they told us about two tunnels.  One lead to the southeast and was 15'x15'.  The other lead northwest and was 20'W x 15'H.  Investigating the shaft to the south they found a room with a petrified dwarf hiding behind the door.  They also returned with 10 Everburning Torches.

Off to the East Pawldo spotted a large cloud, indicating the movement of a sizeable body of troops.  Earlier, we had spotted the great flying beast we suspect may be a dragon in the same direction.  After we regrouped, we set the bodies of the gnolls and their tents ablaze.  Then we quietly slipped away and headed north toward the other gnoll group.   Something fast and shadowy, possibly from the forest, followed us.  Perhaps a Belker, such as we fought 4 days ago in the forest north of Akkadia.

We settled down for the night and I took first watch with Thaydron and Ianward.  Pawldo had vanished on us, as one might expect.  Before long, a couple of large gray skinned two headed humanoids with a dog – all following the river toward our camp.  Goltus was able to understand a portion of their conversation.  Apparently they are hunting the same gnolls as we are, however we didn't trust attempting to parley with them.  We watched them intently and quietly.  

The Ettins crossed north of us, but are working with some Ogres that are passing to the South of us in their search.  Each of the groups has a dog for tracking.  And are using chunks of gnoll to keep the dogs scented to the pray.  The Ogres are wearing chain rather than hide, and both groups appear to have some military discipline according to Ianward.  The concern generally is that these creatures don't generally work together unless there is some power entity which they fear requiring them so to do.  The Ettins catch the trail we were following, and the Ogres joined them.  As the dogs followed the gnolls both northward and southward the band became confused and the trackers headed back down the river from whence they came.  The other three headed north along the trail of the gnolls we were tracking.

Once they passed, we got Thaydron two hours sleep, broke camp, and moved to the north side of the river to a different thicket where he could use his magic to hide us away again.  Afterwhich we resumed our rest and recovery from the day's fight.



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