Kingdom Building Double PCs

Finding the Thay Camp

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 19th day.
Continued from last session …
Andiana moves silently up behind the minotaurs ahead, intent on a sneak attack.  Each of us advances, and attacks as opportunity avails.  However, the men they were fighting fell before we could assist.  We barely manage to take down the minotaurs.  The mystical imp known as Murphy may have been secretly present and working against us given the luck we had during the battle.  Thaydron estimates it is about 8 pm after the encounter.
The men have Thayan livry, and beyond them we find a room with a campfire, some tents, and a portal which the Thayan wizard might have used to leave the area.  Andianna takes care of the traps, while Thaydron stripped the dead for loot.  Among the several items looted is a small journal.  The dates on the pages are in common.  The rest is encrypted.
In the tent marked as Thayan is a small altar to Bane.  The other tent is marked as belonging to a servant of Talos. Galtos damaged the portal, and an attempt to use it caused it to shatter – damaging all of us some in the blast.  Once we could secure the area we decided to stay and rest for the night.  With Thaydron providing care, we heal a great deal as we rest.



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