Kingdom Building Double PCs

The Lying Dwarf

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 21st day.

Continued …

The ramp comes to a pond with a number of large square buildings around it.  At the bank there are a about 20 figures in a mound, as Thaydron counts them.  Directly the other side of the pond there is a larger building, aparently showing more respect for something.  I attempt to detect magic, and there is so much I am blinded for a short period.

Goltus, Thaydron, and I do a spellcraft check with limited results.  As Thaydron notes the lack of battle damage on the dwarven corpses, the spirit of a departed dwarf manifests over their bodies.  As we draw nearer, the ghost speaks to us in common and tells us that if we seek the Doomstone we can't leave.  Apparently these doomstones have been around awhile, and can only be destroyed by the sword of which we lost track.  There are four of them total, and one of them is held by someone who is dead and about to not be.  

An undead dwarf rises from the water and attacks Ianward.  It turns out to be a vampire.  Ianward picked up the crown with the doomstone.  Andiana collected the rest of the gear.  Then we headed back.  I do not trust the presence of this stone in our party.  There is an elder and powerful magic here which makes my horns tingle.

Back in the room where we camped the other day, we set up to rest.  I identify the gear from the dwarf lord:  +1 Mod Fort Scale Mail, +1 Keen Battle Axe, +2 Ring Prot, +2 Cloak Resist, and +1 Hvy Steel Shield of Arrow Catching.  This leaves the wand with 21 charges remaining.  Then we healed up and rested for the night.  During the night Thaydrom noticed a strange mark inscribed in the floor.  It turns out to be the letter T in Dwarven.



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