Kingdom Building Double PCs

A Month for Rest and Relaxation

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 24th day.

We awaken after having nightmares, have a quick breakfast as we discuss them, and depart for Akkadia.  Under Pass w/o Trace we double time again back to Akkadia.  As we arrive we find our new building, the Luxery Store, is nearly completed.

    "As you sleep your slumber becomes restless you toss and turn, and then are still as you sink deeper into your dreams.  You hear chanting coming from down the tunnel.  You see hard natural stone all about you.  What little light comes from a massive bonfire down the tunnel towards the main chamber.  As you walk down the tunnel you look to the left and right and you see figures writhing in the shadows.  These figures look to be in torment… or is it ecstassy.  Is their writhing  due to combat? Or carnal desires?  As you get off the path to investigate… you awake."

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Kythorn, and 25th day.

Investigating the Journal we found, it turns out to be someone's diary covering a week of exploration.  He or she was in the service of Thay, working with a cleric of Bane, an apprentice wizard, and two knights.  They used a portal to get into the mines, and then were ambushed by minotaurs.  The journal ends abruptly.

Attempting to learn more about the Doom Stone (Brown), the following properties are identified:  +1 Natural Armor, 5 Energy Resistance to Acid.  Plus:
1/day Stoneskin as wizard CL12
2/day Stinking Cloud (Dc 16)
1/day Stone Shape CL12
1/week Animate Dead CL10
3/day Ghoul Touch CL10
There is a general consensus that it radiates an evil nature.

We begin taking a break from adventuring to catch up on paperwork and other administrative duties.  The kingdom has been unstable for a short period of time, but good law enforcemnt has aided in restoring orderliness.  We added a farm to our town, and collected taxes.  Then we directed the pioneers with us set up a shrine and begin working on the construction of our mansion.

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Flamerule, and its 1st day.

    We spent the month merching out our equipment.  After skillful negotiation we were able to get 2 gems worth 5000 gp, 11 gems worth 1000 each, 400 PP, 102 GP, and 5 SP for all the equipment we didn't need.

The following information was acquired by our spymaster during the month:
1) A group of people always different, always unfamiliar has been asking about where the town leaders have been towards the end of last month.
2) An unusual amount of robberies and murders has occurred over the last month, but no one can find any evidence of who is doing it, nor are there any real rumors of a new thieves or assassin guild.
3) A Group of people came through town and a clerical symbol of bane was glimpsed on more than one.  
4) The bankers guild in the luxury shop has been buying up most of the ready cash in the town.

At council moot, we determined that to improve our economy and improve stability, we should build a smithy.  The crops nearly failed, but the local druid was able to stave it off.  Some of the patrols spot signs of giants about 4 leagues out from Akkadia.  There were signs of various animal carcases which had been eaten.

It is the Year of the Gauntlet, month of Eleasis, on its 1st day.  

A group of us set off to investigate the signs of the Giants.



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