Plot Hooks

Elfs to the north willing to Diplomacy.

Dwarfs to the North North West. Some sort of Plague or disease.

Settlement to the north West by West. Hamlet named Trellwan

Settlement to south West by West. Identified and watched by the lizardfolk as a castle being constructed.

Cult in the moutains to the immediate south.

Mining Tunnel By farmstead, according to Pawldo.

Orges / Gaintkin to the east.

Gnolls along the river to the east.

Large Flying Object off to the East and South.

Large body of movement or decent sized body of Cav near to where the large object was seen.

Tunnels under Gnoll camp as well as a possible tunnel under the river near Home connected to those tunnels. 

Book of High Templar Benvair References an orb causing the Winds of Chaos to blow. 

Gorkmorkin and Morkgork Lizardfolk arcane casters dealings with Giants 50 years back dealings with Thay 5 days back. Travel through mountain to the underdark to find "Magical Properties".   Might be willing to deal diplomatically.

Dragonisle Mentioned by the lizardfolk as a pilgrimage island located due west of the river mouth. 1 day by boat.

Werebadger attack in Trellwan.

Trellwan offers Divine magical items.

Banker's Guild/Organization in Trellwan had some magial items.

Unfinished Castle with a quarry to the north an east with earth elements.  Walls mostly finished. 3 main buildings, one a larger 50 foot tall building labeled Arcane College Studying Chaos. 

Oynx with ancient dwarven runes 1000s of years old.  


Bull fur found in the temple of benvair all other tracks scoured clean.

Were-Badgers Found underground

More Minotaurs found and killed

Underground Underwater Tunnel market Junction found with paths leading north west and south east.

Plot Hooks

Kingdom Building Double PCs Xander